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Thermodynamic Box Uses Ambient Air To Continuously Heat Water

11th April 2016

The Magic Thermodynamic Box water heating system uses ambient air and liquid circulated through a thermodynamic panel to continuously heat water to 131 degrees F in a 26- to 40-gallon cylinder. Designed for residential and commercial applications, the system delivers 2.2 gallons of hot water per minute. Multiple panels can be used for greater output.

Working like a refrigerator in reverse, ozone-friendly refrigerant circulates within the 31- by 62-inch external panel, which absorbs energy from the air. The liquid refrigerant (R134a) is converted to a gas and compressed inside the box, which works as a heat exchanger. Hot water from a nearby cylinder (not included) is drawn inside the box, heated and returned through the cold water supply, completing the cycle. Spent gas is converted to a liquid and re-circulated through the panel.

The system works day and night all year long, generating hot water in all weather conditions.

“The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box is a retrofit system, meaning the box and aluminum panel can be installed using the customer’s current water heater,” says Alex Basile, marketing director for Magic Thermodynamic Box. “The product can be installed in various types of properties, including residential and commercial.”

Basile says the box can save customers up to 80 percent on their hot water bill and can be installed by a licensed plumbing and heating contractor.

“The only cost is about $128 dollars a year to run the heat pump inside the box,” he says.

Made in the United Kingdom, the microwave-sized box (about 12 inches tall by 20 inches wide and 17 inches long) weighs 66 pounds and is available worldwide.

The LMB can also be used with the company’s Central Heating Management System instead of a boiler, saving up to 30 percent on central heating energy

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