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Magic Thermodynamic Box

02nd August 2016

I’ve heard that no matter where you go, you are never more than ten feet away from a camper arguing with a glamper about sleeping arrangements. And yet, there is one thing that they will always agree on: the beauty of the great outdoors. Perhaps it is this appreciation that leads the glamping industry to promote a greener way of living, or perhaps it’s because with each eco-friendly installation, running costs drop. Whatever the reason, it just got a lot easier.

Allow me to introduce the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box (BMTB) created by the Magic Thermodynamic Box company. The BMTB is an all in one solution to your water heating needs. Using their innovative Solar Assisted Heat Pump technology combined with a stainless steel casing, the BMTB is the first ever thermodynamic cylinder by Magic Thermodynamic Box. The range consists of Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, with either a 130L or 200L indirect, unvented cylinder, suitable for every installation. This hot water heating and storage system has been MCS tested and utilises their already proven technologies. Unlike solar thermal panels the thermodynamic collector is much lower maintenance with little to no ongoing running costs and on top of this, works all year round, both day and night, no matter what the weather. This not only makes the BMTB a green water heating solution for your glamping accommodation, but also an ideal money saver.

The BMTB works by circulating refrigerant liquid which turns from liquid to gas as energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature. This gas is then carried to the Solar Assisted Heat Pump where it is compressed to increase the temperature, heating the water contained within the stainless steel cylinder. Once achieved the gas reverts back to a liquid form allowing the process to start over again. This is done until the water in the cylinder reaches 55C, then the system goes into standby mode.

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