Reading through our different articles about our thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump allows you to learn about Magic Box International and our technology. Being able to watch a video enables you to really understand our products and how they work.  From an animated short detailing the water heating process with thermodynamic panels through to one of our installations which has been featured on the Channel 4 TV program “Grand Designs” as a featured environmentally friendly property.

Solar Assisted Heat Pump

We hope you enjoy our library of videos and that they help build a better understanding on how our different products work. From the technicalities of our thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pumps through to the detailed information about our thermodynamic panels and how they all work towards creating affordable, environmentally friendly water heating systems.

Please browse through our collection of informative videos below. If you have any questions regarding any Magic Box International products lines, please feel free to contact us directly for more information. Our team are passionate about our full range of products and are all always happy to answer questions you may have.

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Simon Burckhardt, Managing Director - Vonage UK
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