Research and Development is very important to us here at Magic Box International. We are well aware that a rounded, successful product is the result of dedicated specialist teams making use of their many different skills to bring the best possible product to market that exceeds market expectations.

Once we have developed our products, we like to show the world how well our specialist teams have performed in developing it through comprehensive testing. All of our products and parts, from our thermodynamic panels through to our thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, go through rounds of testing to ensure they are perfect for your home or business.


Over the past two years we have been involved with the creation of the MCS approved, Solar Assisted Heat Pump standard, which means that the technology is recognised as a government approved standard.

In late 2015 we were proud to announce that the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box IV became the world’s first retro fit MCS approved Solar Assisted Heat Pump, with our range of Big Magic Thermodynamic Boxes becoming approved during 2016.

MCS Approved

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