How Long Have Thermodynamics Been Around?
Thermodynamics was actually discovered in 1829 by a French physicist but the patented technology gave birth to the first thermodynamic system in its present form in 1990. A lot has been learned in this time to create the thermodynamic products we use today for our water heating.
Can the LMTB and BMTB be installed worldwide?
Yes, both the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box and the Big Thermodynamic Magic Box are particularly suitable for countries like the United Kingdom where we are not known for our hot sunny days. The system has been used extensively in Norway and Denmark, where thermal solar is not a viable option due to their prolonged cold weather so our thermodynamic panels work perfectly here.
Is installation easy and quick?
Yes. Due to the unique and innovative features, both the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box and Big Magic Thermodynamic Box and can be installed in about 4 hours. they simply connect to your existing hot water pipes. The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box will also be connected to your cylinder whereas the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is an all in one system..
Will I be able to generate hot water without other sources of power in days without sun?
Yes. The refrigerant liquid circulating at a negative temperature inside the thermodynamic panels is able to collect more solar power than a normal liquid, when the weather is cold and at night time. Due to a temperature gradient, the Aluminium collector is able to capture the heat in the environment and transfer it to the water generating hot water up to 55°C. In fact the system will work day and night whether it is cloudy, raining, windy, frosty or snowing.
Do the thermodynamic panels have to be installed on the roof?
No, the thermodynamic panels can be fitted vertically to a wall, on a terrace or on the roof.
Will the Panels Rust?
No, they are made of anodised aluminium so they will not corrode
Does the water get hotter if I use more than one panel?
No, the water will heat up to a maximum of around 55°C. Adding more panels will improve the recovery performance and heat the water faster.
What are the guarantees on the system?
All of our products are supplied with a parts only replacement guarantee
Is There any Training Available?
Yes, there is product training and installation training. Contact us for more details and schedules.
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