Water Heating

Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Save up to 80% on fuel used (KWH) for your water heating*

Our full range of water heating products use the latest cutting edge technology to provide renewable energy for your home or business.  With thermodynamic panels and our solar assisted heat pump, both the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box and Big Magic Thermodynamic Box are a great choice for your domestic water heating.

Magic Box International were the first company on the market with a viable production model, able to be retro-fitted to any existing cylinder and provide water heating to 55°C. This is a great achievement and shows the strength of our ongoing research and development programs. Magic Box International continue to be an industry leading company with our ever improving range of water heating and central heating management products.

With our ongoing knowledge we continue to develop our products with help from our own in house technical team, our British manufacturer and all the feedback we receive from you, our customer, allowing us to continue to improve on the high standard, high efficiency components that make our Magic Thermodynamic Boxes such great products.

*Fuel savings of up to 80% can be achieved if the system is used in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. The compressor will cost from £61 per year in electricity to operate, depending on product model and household occupancy. This cost is taken into account in savings calculations

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Thermodynamic Panels

The Globus™ Thermodynamic collector has been designed to maximise the absorption of energy to evaporate circulating refrigerant liquid in both portrait and landscape orientation.

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Find out more about how our team have worked to ensure our products are always the best on the market.

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The development of our products has seen a massive amount of research into each component

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Our range of videos will allow you to better understand the technology behind our products

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Independent testing has proven that our products perform as stated, to ensure they are installed at the level we expect, we offer a comprehensive training program

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Some of the more common questions about our products - Contact the team if your query isn’t covered.

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"We hear a lot these days about the need for businesses to be thinking of the environment, to be innovative and to think globally about business opportunities. I am delighted therefore that Chelmsford based Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd, have managed to achieve all of these things with their central heating management system which certainly looks as though it is something that not only benefits the environment but cures commonly found central heating problems, benefits the environment and saves the user money. I am delighted that such a company has chosen to join Essex Chambers of Commerce and look forward to seeing their continued developments in the future."

Denise Rossiter, CEO - Essex Chambers of Commerce
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